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Invecus is focused at providing investment solutions oriented to achieve capital growth and wealth preservation.

  • Quantitative: Systematic and emotionless
  • Robust: Outperformance in extreme market conditions
  • Manageable: Easy to replicate by yourself
  • Affordable: For less than 10$ a month

Our firm is oriented to provide market research related to strategies with potential to beat the market on a risk-adjusted basis. Investment industry has become extremely quantitative and technologically oriented. We use simple algorithms to research and develop robust investment models that exploit market inefficiencies in longer timeframes, reducing transaction costs as well as volatility.

Invecus, CEO

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About our company

Invecus has been founded to make the investment process easier for individuals. Continuous research and education are key to our success.

Our Services

We do things differently than most research companies in the industry.
We are focused on helping our clients to take successful investment decissions.

Portfolio Construction

Subscribe to our portfolios, receive monthly asset allocation changes and be ready to replicate their performance successfully.

  • 6 Strategies
  • + USD Based
  • Passive & Dynamic
  • Stocks, ETF’s & Mutual Funds
  • Monthly Insights

Market Research

Access the latest financial research from top financial institutions, from home, classified, all in one site, completly free.

  • +4 Asset Types
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • +16 Institutions
  • Global & Market Focused
  • 100% Free


Education is the base of success. Invecus offers a set of courses based on online videos and presentations available to all our users.

  • Online & Face-to-face
  • Practical & Theory
  • Top education institutions
  • Certificate within completion
  • Free Courses


Invecus is continuously gathering feedback from it’s users.
These are Invecus strengths according to a rank built after carrying out periodic customer satisfcation surveys.

These are Invecus strong areas according to a monthly survey elaborated by our firm:

It is key for us to identify our strengths and weeknesses in order to revise all our activities, ensure all of them add value and make sure our users perceive the value of our research. Our philosophy of continuous feedback and improvement help to build a solid relationship with our customers.

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Invecus is completly independent from other firms in the industry such as brokers or banks. In this sense, our investment models are non-biased and always focused in providing maximum risk reward ratio.


Get your suscription fee straight away if the model or portfolio you purchase losses money from the 1st January to the 31st of December. Money straight away without questions.


We transfer valuable knowledge learned after decades of financial industry experience at affordable prices.