At Invecus we believe knowledge is key to achieve success within the financial markets industry. For this reason Invecus offers its users a wide range of courses related to financial markets.

We put at your disposal a range of on-line free courses ralted to finance and offered by top unviersities in the world. These courses will give the individual a theoretical knowledge of some aspects related to financial markets. In order to complement these courses, Invecus offers an Investment Course with a much more practical content. Our course will focus on applying theoretical concepts to financial markets in order to develop investment models.
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The course offered by Invecus is designed to provide the necessary tools to allow investors take the right investment decisions applying strategies that have worked in the past and nowadays.

  • This is not a day trading course
  • The course will teach you how to invest, not speculate
  • The course will enable you to take investment decisions by yourself
  • The course teaches what has worked in Wall Street up to date

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Investing Introduction

Efficient Market Hypothesis. Market members. Order types. Product types.

Mean Reversion Models

Definition. Model structure. Examples. Performance (empirical evidence). Correlations.

Relative Strength Models

Definition. Model structure. Examples. Performance (empirical evidence). Correlations.

Portfolio Construction

Definition. Asset allocation structure. Examples. Performance (empirical evidence). Correlations.

Momentum Models

Defintion. Model structure. Examples. Performance (empirical evidence). Correlations.

Value Investing Models

Defintion. Model structure. Examples. Performance (empirical evidence). Correlations.


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I purchased Invecus Investment Course and I must say I am extremely satisfied with my decision. Firstly I was skeptical about the course as I thought it would be one more course, full of theory but with few practical applications. I was wrong. This course teaches how to build simple investment models which allow not only to beat the market in a risk adjust basis, but also enables the individual to take investment decisions by itself the day after taking the course. This course really shows how to make money.


Jeremy Asigner
Analyst, Freelance

I purchased the online version of Invecus Investment Course. The presentation they use is pure gold. This course explains empirically what works in financial markets. They use research papers from prestigious personalities to prove why their models work. The course tests numureous models over history and up to date and explains how they work. It´s the first tiem I came out of an stock market course thinking I acquired the knowledge to start investing profitably and independently. This course is worth much more than 100$.


John Davenport
Student, Entrepreneur


Introduction to Financial Accounting

Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania

Economic Policy

IE Business School

Introduction to Corporate Finance

Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania

Financial Markets

Yale University

Game Theory

Stanford University